Our Functions

The functions of the department are listed in the Rules of Business of the Government of Punjab. These include:

  • Formulation of provincial government vision, policies and strategies for economic planning and development in consultation with all stakeholders in the light of NEC’s guidelines
  • Annual Development Programme (ADP) / Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF):
    • Preparation in co-ordination with all departments of the government
    • Monitoring implementation
    • Evaluation of development Projects and Programmes
  • Economic Issue (s):
    • Conducting research/surveys
    • Reviewing/analysis of socio economic data 
  • Public Sector Development Programmes (PSDP):
    • Preparing short terms and long terms provincial development plans
    • Coordination with Federal government
  • Policy for the approval of development schemes
    Catalyst for different departments/sectors to improve the pace and quality of economic development
  • Resource allocation, re-appropriation of development funds, appropriations from block allocations and disbursement of supplementary grants
  • Secretariat for the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) and clearing house for development within the competence of CDWP and ECNEC
  • Foreign Assistance:
    • Determination of key areas for foreign assistance and preparation of sector-wise portfolio for foreign assistance
    • Loan negotiations and securing federal financial guarantees, wherever required
      Review of foreign aided projects
  • Coordination of nominations for foreign training, seminars, conferences and workshops for all officials serving with the provincial government
  • Capacity building of government departments, agencies and functionaries for good governance
  • Focusing accelerated development of rain fed (barani) and less developed areas
  • Framing guidelines for procurement of consultancy service. Policy formulation with respect to private sector development and promotion and public private partnership (PPP)
    Implementation, development and administration in respect to foreign assisted/ funded and mega ADP projects
  • Matters relating to attached departments, autonomous bodies and special institution of P&D Department
  • Information Technology:
    • I.T. Policy
    • Electronic Data Management
    • Control of and liaison with district I.T. Departments
    • E-Governance and E-Service Delivery
    • Web Content Management
    • Pre-qualification of firms to provide I.T. consultancy, software development and I.T. products to the government
    • Coordination with both public sector departments and private sector agencies in the field of I.T
    • Service matters of I.T. cadre both at provincial and district level
  • Budget, accounts and audit matters
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for the department
  • Service matters except those entrusted to service and General Administration Department
  • Administration of the following laws and the rules framed there-under:
    • The Cholistan Development Authority Act 1976
    • The Punjab Economic Research Institute Ordinance, 1980.
    • The Punjab Public-Private Partnership for Infrastructure Act, 2010
  • Matters incidental and ancillary to the above subjects