Bahawal Victoria Hospital


Started as a Civil Hospital with an outdoor department, a dispensary, and an operating theatre in 1876. In 1906, this health unit was named Bahawal Victoria Hospital. Now, it is a hub of clinical expertise both in specialties as well as in sub-specialties with a multitude of patients visiting the hospital.

The excellent medical staff is one of the best things about Bahawal Victoria Hospital. It does, however, make it possible for people to get help for any medical issue they face. A patient has the option of consulting either a male or female doctor.

It is now a 1590-bed, fully equipped, tertiary-care hospital with all medical and surgical specialities, serving large number of patients in south Punjab.It facilitates undergraduate medical students of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, nursing students of allied nursing schoolparamedics and many post-graduate trainees.